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Download our helpful, free resources below for tips, information, and support along your brain injury journey.

Fatigue Diary

This fatigue diary is perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to track their fatigue and manage triggers on a daily basis. Each day, reflect upon what you did and how you felt, and you will start to notice patterns in your behaviour. You'll then be able to make informed decisions about making small adjustments to your daily routine.

Self-care Tracker

Whether you are a survivor of a brain injury or caring for someone with BI, practising self-care is vital. By using this self-care tracker, you will start to build healthy lifestyle habits and cultivate a bit more time to focus on your wellbeing. These small acts of kindness can significantly impact how you feel and function.


Alongside our regular, monthly free webinars, we arrange free events to support brain injury survivors, care givers, family and friends. See what's coming up below.