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Positive Personal Development Following Brain Injury

Personal development is progress within yourself. Actively learning and moving forward into a positive and productive mindset, understanding, and pushing yourself further while maintaining some boundaries. To break it down, personal is YOU! And development is learning through new habits and little daily goals.


Make no mistake, this is not schoolwork or exams! Personal Development is simpler and smaller but with an incredibly big impact. And for those who have suffered a brain injury, it’s about figuring out how your mind has changed and working alongside it. This is why boundaries is so important, something like loud music which never bothered you before can become too much! So, work out your boundaries and let people that are around you know. Personal development isn’t about breaking you, it’s about building you safely and with a positive mindset!


“Personal development is about ways to improve yourself. Now, like anything, it's not just an overnight success process, it's something that's going to take time, but it is about being positive.” - Mark


Small Steps Lead to Big Accomplishments


The most powerful tool in personal development and working bit-by-bit, day-by-day, is bullet journaling! Schedule your progress and write down your accomplishments on that day. Don’t feel like you have done much to write about? That’s fine! Journals are not meant to be hours of writing a day, just quick snippets of your mind at that moment. As you continue through your journey, you can see more clearly the road you’ve walked and realise – no, you climbed a mountain!


Bullet journaling to track your small daily steps can be an easy and fun task! However, you may be unsure as to how to do it effectively. If that’s the case, check out our book; How to Bullet Journal or Bujo for Short. A blank journal can be intimidating at first, which is why we have created a beginner guide with hints and sections that will soon be filled to the brim with your thoughts, goals and accomplishments!


I journal most days. I write down what's happened, how I felt, and maybe what I've learned that day, or sometimes I don't learn anything, but then I look back and reflect over the week of what I've written down and you can see, oh, actually, yeah, I learnt that.” - Mark

Benefits of Personal Development



Your personal development can help expand your mind positively and productively, building your resilience and creating healthy coping mechanisms. To develop yourself and your mind is to strengthen your self-esteem as well as your self-awareness. Recognising your thoughts, feelings, habits, and reactions can help you know what is working, what is not working and what must change.


Journaling can help enforce this and help you work towards mental fitness. Giving off a ripple effect of productivity that in turn creates positivity, becoming a cycle! As you start seeing the results of a healthy mindset, you will be more likely to keep going.



Immerse Yourself


Positivity from the inside can only grow when met with positivity outside. Immersing your mind with positive, creative, or thought-provoking media can help you keep relaxed while mentally engaged. This can be books, audio, videos, lectures, or webinars. The possibilities are endless, you just need to find what works for you!


Surrounding yourself with negativity, for example, ‘doom scrolling’ through upsetting news on social media, can only lead to an unproductive negative mindset. Instead, actively take part in something that breeds a positive mindset, like a creative outlet that takes you away from the noise of the world. Or engage in active positivity and receive it in turn through communities and peer-to-peer interaction! Our Facebook group is a community of like-minded individuals full of energy that you can share!



You Don’t Stop Living Because Bad Things Happen. You Keep Going.


Starting your brain injury recovery and journey of personal development is tricky at first. But as the wheels start turning, the successful days keep coming, and the energy rising, you won’t help but keep going! And remember, it doesn’t have to be done alone. You have the tools at your disposal and a community of supportive peers to encourage you.


“You live your life forwards, but you learn it backwards. And by setting those boundaries and writing it down will help you to learn from what you've done in the past and create the future you want.” – Jules

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